Thursday, March 13, 2008

Rock for Water

So . . . I should have blogged about this a while ago, but things have been crazy, so here it is . . . last minute. My husband took a trip to the South Sudan back in November and came home inspired to do something. The need is so great there, but it's amazing the impact we can have on others if we just use what we have. So he spoke with a friend John Mark McMillan about a music tour in California to raise money to dig wells in the Sudan. John Mark was very excited about it and after contacting Aaron Strumpel it was on! We are now in the middle of the tour, We've played in San Diego, Los Angeles, San Luis Obispo, Bakersfield, we are playing tomorrow night in Visalia at the Cellar Door 8pm $5 cover, 21+, and two more shows in Redding and Fresno. You can go to for more info about the tour and upcoming stops. You can also give to the cause on that website!

Travis Aicklen

Ryan Stillwater

Aaron Strumpel

John Mark McMillan

Please watch this video, it's beautiful.

So to all you living in or around Visalia, or for all you up for a trip, come out to the show! It going to be a treat. And bring some money with you, you can save someone's life with a dollar.


  1. Tiff, I'm sad I missed the concert tonight... but I'd love to make one... keep posting about upcoming ones- or drop me a line with the next date!
    Great shots of everyone too! :)

  2. These are really cool. My son plays the violin and at times thinks that it isnt "cool". I showed him these shots, specifically the guy playing the violin and his thoughts have changed....."He is really cool", he said.

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