Wednesday, May 30, 2007

the thing i love

Jen and I snuck out the morning of Danielle and David's shoot and we hit the road, excited to do the thing we love. We found the coolest spots, some colorful old cars, and some amazing buildings. It's crazy how little I actually get to do this, shoot for myself without any objective or work involved. This time we were eachothers subjects, which I have to admit, was not the most comfortable thing:) Jen was beautiful and gracious and she should get in front of the lens more often! It was very fun shooting someone as dynamic as Jen, she is so overflowing with life and charm, hopefully you can see a bit of that in these images. Thanks Jen, you are so inspiring! Love ya!

Danielle & David

I love to travel and shoot in new places, so I was excited to be able to meet Danielle and David in the San Luis area, we drove around and found some fun little spots. Jen Manuele was kind enough to assist me and put me up :) Here are a few of my favs from the shoot . . . David is serving in Iraq right now, so I hope these images don't make it that much harder for you two! Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Hobbs Family

What a cute family! These boys were so much fun, I love the blonde and red hair, freckles and missing front teeth. What great subjects!

Megan & Jonathan

Ok, I know it's been weeks since my last post. I apologize, time slipped away, I'll make up for it, I promise! On to important things!

Megan and Jonathan, what a wonderful and precious couple! This engagement shoot was long in coming, we packed up, started exploring, stopped off at a starbuck for a quick boost. Megan was filling me in on wedding details and some of their story. Forgive me Megan if I mess up any of the info, but these guys have been dating for almost four years and they have never kissed! They are saving their first kiss for their wedding day! I can't wait to photograph it! They were so sweet with eachother on the shoot, I kept over hearing Jonathan tell her "you look pretty". They ran across highways and climbed fences for me, thanks for some great memories you guys, you're a rockin couple! I'm so glad you found eachother. Take a look at our little adventure.