Friday, March 30, 2007

Mike & Katie

A couple weeks ago I shot Mike & Katie's engagement photos. We had so much fun, I laughed most of the shoot because Mike is a pretty funny guy. Eric Riley tagged along with us and took some video footage for there wedding video. It was fun to work with another artist at the same time and to see still and motion working together. Here are some of my favorites from the shoot.


I just got back from my week in Las Vegas for the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International convention. I've never slept so little in my life! I had a great time meeting up with my friends from the Mike Colon Intensive I did in February. I went to some great seminars and saw some awesome products at the trade show. I also met up with Jen Manuele and celebrated her birthday. Here are some photos we took in a photo booth at the show. We held the record for the most people squeezed into the photo booth! I'll post some more photos from the trip in the near future.

Photographers in the shot: Michael Norwood, Danny Heinline, Corey McNabb, David Burke, Tom Flint, Danielle Reedy & Andy Peterson. These guys are amazing.


Welcome to the first ever Tiffany Aicklen Blog! Sorry it's taken so long, I actually didn't realize how easy it was. I'm excited to connect with you, share current work and let you all in on my life. Stay tuned for some actual posts!