Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Warning . . . What you are about to look at will probably make you hungry and it will probably make you want to do a very irrational thing, such as by an airplane ticket and fly to Denver for lunch!

Trav and I happen to be in Colorado for a few days for a conference and we flew into Denver, decided to go to lunch at a little place called Steuben's and we will never be the same!

(FYI- this is my first mobile post from my iphone, I'm pretty excited about the simplicity of it, but obviously the photo quality suffers, at least I posted!)

Steuben's is an old auto shop turned restaurant that serves classic American food in one of the most visually delicious settings I've ever dined in.

From the exposed ceilings, to the funky brown retro bar stools, the robin egg blue and creme color scheme, retro blue top tables . . .


. . . arched lights, glass garage doors, vintage print art, wood paneled walls, bar full of cool old bottles and glassware, and 70's church lights it's a feast without even touching your food!


They serve you water in these pretty glass bottles

they serve you French fries in these vintage tins . . . seriously. We had the lobster roll with fries, these fries . . . so tiny and dainty and precious, so crunchy and tender and salty, they shouldn't be called fries, they are hereby and henceforth to be called fritz, cause that is the name due them. They are in a league of their own.

Also hush puppies from heaven, with sugar on top . . . literally. Best puppies I've ever had, not saying I've had a lot of puppies, I'm a California girl afterall, but in my book these are winners.


What else, oh a green chile cheeseburger and Mac & cheese, oh yeah!

My hunka hunka burnin love . . .

I rarely find a place that delivers inspiring food and inspiring design and when I do I get really really really excited! I even took pictures of the bathroom . . .

. . . the bathroom door sign is darling . . . ? ? ? How did they do it? I am so impressed.


Outdoor patio . . .

Monday, July 18, 2011

Gailey Kids

One of my favorite families on the planet . . . blessed to call them friends always stoked to photograph them. Fell in love with them all over again looking through these photos :)


 I think this is my favorite photo of the year . . . look at those lips . . . I mean, come on

love the hair, love the pants, love the shoes

totally into this . . .

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Jennae & Dan Wedding

Jennae & Dan got married and they are great! Here's a sneak peek :)