Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy Eye . . . Homako

I've been stocking her store for a while, dreaming of the day that I get to hang one of these beauties around my neck . . .

Then, last week, I bought this one for my friend for her birthday.
It was even better in person. I love the green, it's such a fun statement piece and it looked so good on my friend:)
They look like little candies, I wish I could eat them . . . nevermind.
 I think that these are my favorite . . . anthropologie got smart and sold one of these necklaces at their store.

 She uses unexpected materials for jewlery,
she's got an incredible eye for design and construction

 Come on now . . . how cute is this, this one reminds me of my friend Heather R.
 coolest shape ever
 I call this one Elizabeth goes sailing

One of each please!!

Thank you Homako for making the world a prettier place :)
Love, Tiffany

oops, one more thing. . .this just in . . .

mini homako= homako for kids

go crazy