Wednesday, May 30, 2007

the thing i love

Jen and I snuck out the morning of Danielle and David's shoot and we hit the road, excited to do the thing we love. We found the coolest spots, some colorful old cars, and some amazing buildings. It's crazy how little I actually get to do this, shoot for myself without any objective or work involved. This time we were eachothers subjects, which I have to admit, was not the most comfortable thing:) Jen was beautiful and gracious and she should get in front of the lens more often! It was very fun shooting someone as dynamic as Jen, she is so overflowing with life and charm, hopefully you can see a bit of that in these images. Thanks Jen, you are so inspiring! Love ya!


  1. TIFF! I just got back and was able to look through the images. i love so many of them! thank you. you do know how priceless it is to have some pics of ME! your post on my blog will be up soon :) I love you so much. thank you!

  2. Amazing! Tiffany they are so gorgeous! You guys are so flippin inspiring! Beautiful!