Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

I love Easter, it seems like the one day out of the year we actually dress up to go to church:) I curled Avery's hair today for the first time, but only after bribing her with candy and Travis actually wore a tie!

Avery's easter basket

Avery's "duckie", she wrestled it all morning :)

My dad workin the salad


my beautiful sis

my handsome bro

miss quinn

grandma She She bearing gifts

"Look Mommy!" "It's Horton!" "I take care of him"

This egg was in my easter basket when I was little and it re-appeared today. I love this egg.

Easter is a day to be thankful for life, grace, free gifts, miracles and hope. God bless you all!


  1. Avery's hair is so long! She is so darn precious. (I am obsessed with that fluffy big chick you guys got her. Adorable!)

  2. Okay, um, when did your brother become a man???

  3. Tiff- we had similiar retro looking eggs like you did when we were little and I just love mine so much! My mom always filled them with tons of m&m's for us. Love seeing yours too! Avery is just the sweetest and cutest little girl!

  4. Hey Tiff,
    So good to see your family living it up on Easter. Miss you!

  5. Tiff! These pics are absolutely precious! I miss you so...know that you're never far from my thoughts. I want you to check this song that I heard today, it just seems like something you would enjoy.

    Here's the link and the song is called "The Inscore in Me" :
    if you're happy, this will only make your day better and if you're sad...then know you're in my prayers and my heart. I send this gift either way:

  6. Hi Tiffany!

    I know this is so completely belated, but lovely photos! You have a way of making the ordinary EXTRAORDINARY! I love all of your work. Too beautiful.

    Also, thank you for the link to twigs & honey!! That was just too sweet of you. I'm sure you're getting busy with wedding season nearly upon us!!


  7. My Dear Tiffany,

    I just found your link and your photos are so beautiful!
    I will be coming here often to keep up with you. I have a lot of wonderful memories. May God continue to pour out His blessings on you and your family.