Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Johnstons

So, I'm catching up on blogging weddings from the fall :)
This wedding is dear to my heart because it's my cousins! Roland and Olivia are special people and I love them dearly.
Here are some of my favorite images from their day.

Isn't she lovely?

Love this shot

Roland is a surfer, so he got married in board shorts and everyone wore flip flops. It was pretty fun.

Tulip was responsible for the beautiful flowers.

Tucker is the best dog in the whole wide world. If I ever get a dog, I'm going to have Roland train it :)

You guys are beautiful and I'm so glad I got to shoot your photos. Olivia, I am so excited to be related to you welcome to the family you are a gift to us!


  1. The Johnston family is dear to my heart! It's hard not to love every one of them. The wedding was gorgeous and the shot of the flower girls and Tucker is amazing.

    I also love your new baby girl tiff! I am so happy for you and Travis!

  2. Found your blog through a link here, a link there...I've had great fun looking at these photos. Wonderful!

  3. I love how you capture love on film. Thanks for the visit!