Sunday, November 30, 2008

time and all eternity

Ok, I know I haven't blogged for time and all eternity, but I've been pregnant and had a baby (which I'll blog about later ;) ) So here is a tasty little snack for all of you. A few of my favs from the Cardoza Wedding.


  1. with all due respect to this nice happy couple in the pictures, that's not why I stopped by.

    I am here to see Remy Jane. But I will be patient.


  2. Congrats on your new baby! :)

    I don't if you remember me, but we had coffee together once in downtown Visalia when I had contacted you to meet you.

    I follow your blog every once in a while and love it when you update it! I'll be up in town for Christmas. If you have a shoot during that time would I be able to tag along? Hope you're well! :)

  3. pretty pretty. you talented young thang. i love you so much. i miss you already...*ahem* post some delish remy & avery pics por favor. the masses are getting impatient :)

  4. Great stuff, glad to see you back behind the camera and back on the blog.

  5. Tiffany... My hairymano told me to check you out. Great work! Hope to meet you one day!

  6. you've been bogged my friend. oh and i can't wait to see you!!! I'm going to squeeze and kiss you!