Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Avery turns 2

This week we celebrated Avery turning 2, she is growing so fast! Here are some photos . . .

Grandpa, GGma, and GGpa

Cute little Roamie

We cleared out the studio for a little concert, Trav and Matt got dressed up and we had a rock concert with fresh versions of Row Your Boat and Itsy Bitsy Spider. It was so fun! Equipped with blow up guitars, sunglasses and take home compilations.

Travis lookin fine

Avery didn't really need a mike:)

Everybody get your hands up

Happy Birthday dear Avery . . .

Isaac here, super excited about his new cd!



  1. oh my word! i am so sad i couldn't see that in person. and look at your lovely little girl with mermaid hair!! OH SO CUTE!

  2. Happy birthday to Avery and happy birthing day to you...(see... http://www.sheyerosemeyer.blogspot.com)

  3. She is so cute! Your the best mom!! I am coming home for Christmas...I want to see you, Trav,, little Avery, and Matt!!

  4. awwww!!! how much fun is that!!!!!! what a ball!!! miss you!!! merry christmas girl!! :)