Wednesday, April 11, 2007


What a great day! I found myself overwhelmingly thankful for the resurrection of Jesus Christ, for the way out that He has made for us and the life we now live because of Him. All of this joy, all of this peace, all of this hope, all of this comfort, having nothing to do with circumstances, but everything to do with being accepted by God! Aaahh! It's worth celebrating! It was also Avery's 2nd Easter and really the first one she was able to participate in, so we had lots of fun. Here are some family photos.

little i posing for auntie

grandma is teaching avery how to hunt for eggs

avery puts that egg in a football hold

auntie lish bearing gifts

my sweet little avery quinn

me and the little one

avery and daddy

avery, matti, horsie

the aicklen clan

sarah, mary, matt, julia


  1. These photos are so bittersweet for me! I love the Aicklen family! I miss you all tons! Avery is such an Aicklen too! I love the picture of you two and her and Trav! I love love love you guys!

  2. matt + angie sloanApril 11, 2007 at 10:47 PM

    You have such a cute family! Your little Girl is such a doll!!! It was nice meeting you in Vegas!

  3. Happy Easter to the Aicklen's! These are so precious. Avery is such a doll :-)

  4. Hey guys! Thanks for your sweet comments.

    Crystal, the aicklens miss you! Can't wait for Avery and Ethan to meet!

    David, hope your family had a great Easter. Tell Bridget hi, and hope she is feeling well.

    Sloans- you rock. So glad I met you guys, can't wait to meet up with you again!